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Category : Emulators HP 64700B A etc. :   Misc other emulators : Lauterbach ICE 12 motorola 68HC12 in-circuit emulator controller (Lauterbach ICE 12 )

Lauterbach  ICE 12

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Manufacturer  Lauterbach

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Item# Lauterbach ICE 12
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Lauterbach ICE 12 motorola 68HC12 in-circuit emulator controller  (Lauterbach ICE 12 )

Product Overview

The Lauterbach ICE 12 in circuit emulator controller supports a variety of devices and can be configured to meet many needs.This module is designed for the 68HC11 or 68HC12. An assortment of different configurations may be in stock but may not be listed on this web site. It would also be cost effective to simply purchase a new probe to convert to you're needed configuration. The trace32 system specifications can be viewed at www.lauterbach.com

Please call for more information on available systems in stock

This one module is set up for the 68HC12F8


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