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                        We've been in Business scince 1986.

   We have been supplying dealers throughout the country for many years now, and its time for you to start buying directly from us to avoid the added cost of a middleman.

  Whether were buying or selling we will try to offer you the best solution, even if that means sending you to a competitor.  We can do our best pricing when we know in advance that you're going to have a need soon for certain pieces of equipment. We will then start looking for some good deals out in the market. There are many buying opportunities that arise, but without a need the gear may not be worth stocking at those prices. Unlike some dealers who "claim to have millions in spending money and inventory", we don't. We try to move the higher end gear quickly , but of course there a certain types of gear we specialize in and try to maintain an ongoing inventory. 

    We specialize in HP 64700 series emulators, HP 4062UX and general purpose test equipment. We are also dealing in more semiconductor related equipment. So we are interested in most types of equipment except we just try to avoid cheap pc products.

Prices you see on this site may be out of date and higher than actually sold for. As many people expect warranty on most items. Please note that we may list an item with a very cheap price in order to move it quickly and it may not include any warranty except of course some sort of inspection period. So please ask for a quote on items you're inteested in and well finalize the details about a warranty.

Please look at the "WE BUY" screen if you are looking to sell equipment.

Thanks for visiting this site and we look forward to hearing from you


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